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Who said retirement was easy?

After 25 years of dedicated service, one ill-fated meeting over an unsolved missing person’s case sees London police officer JACK GRIFFIN forced into resignation, effective immediately.


Now, with more free time than he had planned, Jack takes on the role of lead investigator as a newly-assigned Met Police Cold Case Team puts him in their crosshairs.


The case? Patricia Lucas disappeared from Notting Hill five years ago and Griffin was the first officer on scene. Fifteen minutes into interviewing the family, he was pushed out the door by the same man who just witnessed Griffin’s retirement papers. And Patricia was never found.


Launching out on his own, Jack follows a lead to the sleepy castle town of Arundel in the south of England. There, he is called to test his investigative skills in a way that he never did as a career beat cop.


Out of his element, Jack must learn how to become an investigator as the Cold Case Team ramps up their attention on him.


Each clue draws Jack deeper into a mystery with all signs pointing back to the one person he has no desire to ever see again: his old Chief Superintendent, the man who squeezed him out of the force.


Trapped between corruption, gangsters, and the unexpected arrival of Patricia’s sister hell bent on revenge, Jack might be in over his head. He must use all of his experience and skills before the lead suspect skips town and the case is buried forever.

Death Outside the Oath is the first in the thrilling Jack Griffin series by retired officer Phil Eastwood.

Death outside the oath Ebook cover from Author Phil Eastwood
Death outside the oath paper back book cover from Author Phil Eastwood
Death outside the oath audio book cover from Author Phil Eastwood
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death outside the oath
Spooky forest in the fog
Death at the Cabin book cover from author Phil Eastwood
Death at the Cabin Ebook cover from author Phil Eastwood
Death at the Cabin audio book cover from author Phil Eastwood
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Aspiring students linked to a series of killings. Can he shut down a bloody agenda?

London. Jack Griffin wrestles with doubt. Not comfortable with his abilities as a private investigator, the recently retired police officer vows to prove his worth. And he gets his chance after a friend hires him to find out why her university application was inexplicably deleted from the system.

Quickly identifying three other candidates who suffered the same fate, Jack connects several unsolved deaths tied to each individual’s alarming past. And as he follows clues deep into a forest, he fears he’s on the trail of a killer with no plans to stop.

Can he connect the dots before there’s another execution?

Death At The Cabin is the fast-paced second book in the Jack Griffin crime thriller series. If you like determined characters, surprising twists and turns, and action-packed drama, then you’ll love Phil Eastwood’s suspenseful tale.

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Death at the cabin
Stages of Death book cover from Author Phil Eastwood





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